check out the Skriptkeeper Story about Federal time in prison. Please take heed to this tales of Violence and sessions learned. for more episodes go to


In this story Wilbur known behind that ” Wall ” as Bless. Some say the first time in Jail could be and experience of a life time. Well this story will make you think twice about committing a felony of any kind. For Bless his first time in Jail.. better yet his second day in Read more..


In this story Big Lah tells a tale of a Booty Bandit by the name of Popeye. Popeye is a old timer with a lot of time that likes young boys and will do nothing but catch them in the bathroom to show them how they will be spending their time. There is always bonus Read more..


In this episode Dr.Strange or Captain Calimangus did not want to be identified due to some pending legal issues and police brutality allegations.The story he shares are becoming all too common and quite distrubing. But this one brother seems to have the law to his advantage of what he knows and what is going on. Read more..


In this story Andre has a few obstacles that he faces with inmates and a few prison guards. In two separate incidents he got stabbed a total of 29 Times and survived. But that was not the end of his ordeal. After getting sentence to 1yr in the hole and ruffling a few feathers with Read more..

Dookie love

Inmates talk loose about taken that booty from another inmate.” We tossed that ass up, he F’d him then I F’D him. for more real life Prison stories check out Prison X at