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Some parents in India practice the Devadasi tradition, selling their daughters into a life of prostitution, often around the age of 10.

ancient structors

Amazing find (History Chanel docum.) in what is now Turkey, 12,000 year-old circular city. Twice as old as any city in Mesopotamia. The Germans are excavating it.


Documentary by Gil Noble on the intentional destruction of Black America by the FBI using infiltration, counter-intelligence programs and drugs. From Marcus Garvey to Paul Robeson to Martin Luther King to Malcolm X to Fred Hampton, to the Black Panthers to heroin and crack, the FBI has worked to destroy black people. Includes interview with Read more..


Here is a short documentary of the struggle and success in the world of MMA. Eddie ” Truck” Gordon is currently the Ring of Combats Lightweight Champion and is defending his title for the first time. We explore ” Trucks” world of MMA in Atlantic City. We discover what it takes physically and mentally to Read more..


All Access reports “Now we bring you up to speed 2009. The Fubu partners Now Own COOGI and opened their 300th Fubu store in China. Plus What the are doing now and How they in the past Hooked up with LL Cool J